Saturday 22 June 2013

Press Coverage - Global South African Newsletter - 21 June 2013‏

Due to the success of the relationship that is being developed with communities in Durban, the Theatre for Development module at Drama St. Mary's was recently written up in the Global South Africa newsletter, which can be read here.

Thursday 13 June 2013

Debrief at South Africa House

Today, Catlin, Emilie & I visited Cathy at the South Africa House to feed back to her about our trip.  It was an exciting time for the three of us to showcase the students' experiences and to reflect on the time between our last visit before our trip and before the students' first experience of South Africa.

Cathy was pleased at the success as the students' breathlessly told her of their experiences from the schools to the community centres to the Market in Durban.  She expressed the High Commision's focus on schools in South Africa that are in most need of development and recognized our work in such areas. 

Cathy promised her support for the next trip in 2014 and promised to meet the new students in the new year as a means of preparing them for their journey, as best as can be done.